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Clean Virus MSN 4.6

It is a program that enables you to remove MSN Messenger viruses
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Clean Virus MSN is anti-virus software for MSN Messenger. It scans, spots and erases the many viruses that can be transmitted over MSN messenger. The most widespread threat of this kind is files forwarded to the user by others: they often contain viruses that run themselves immediately and move on to everyone on that user’s contact list. I myself really got fed up with this situation and asked a friend to give me some software that could help me to detect and delete these viruses. He told me about Clean Virus MSN. When I finished installing it, I started my MSN account and it alerted me of a virus and then deleted it automatically.

Clean MSN Virus detects more than 3,900 variants of MSN virus, analyzing active processes in memory and files using the technology of the antivirus program VirusKeeper. I have been using this anti-virus software for a while now and it has changed my everyday life. I have a MSN account and it is basically for my business use, which I’m trying to grow. This software works and has made my life a lot easier than before. Those dangerous viruses that used to bug my MSN account daily are not a threat anymore.

Luis Sanchez
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